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Dynamic Pricing Factors

Mighty Vehicle Size

The larger the ride, the more power we need to unleash for a thorough cleaning.

Stain Type Showdown

We identify the arch-nemesis stains and select the right tools and techniques to vanquish them.

Exterior Conundrums

The amount of grime, scratches, and paint damage on the exterior affects the level of heroics needed.

Time Warps

We estimate the heroic hours needed to restore the vehicle's glory, taking into account its unique challenges.

Custom Requests

Special super requests like eco-friendly products or focus on specific areas guide our mission plan and may affect the pricing.

Epic Messiness Level

The intensity of the mess dictates the heroic effort required to restore order and cleanliness.

Interior Condition Battle

From pet hair to dirt galore, we evaluate the condition of the interior to determine the extent of our heroic intervention.

Extraordinary Services

If additional super services like upholstery cleaning or carpet shampooing are required, they add to the overall mission complexity.

Strategic Location

The distance we travel to save the day and the accessibility of the vehicle's lair may impact the pricing.

Superhero Packages

Keep an eye out for heroic promotions and power-packed packages that could save the day and your wallet!

ZoomBook Flat Rate Prices For Cleaning Missions


Flash Cleanup


  • POWERS: Vanisher: Zap Stain and Odors!
  • Stains: Swiftly remove small stain area caused by spills, food, or art supplies in just 45 minutes.
  • Odors: Eliminate unpleasant odor spot area, leaving your car smelling fresh and clean.
  • Vacuum and Wipe Down: A light vacuum and wiping down of dust.
  • Windows: Cleaning of windows streak free.
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Super Scrub


  • POWERS: : Vanisher, Adventurer, Mess Buster, Fur-Fighting Dynamo
  • Stains: Remove many kinds of stain spots areas in 3 hours.
  • Odors: Eliminate unpleasant many odor spots, leaving your car smelling fresh and clean.
  • Vacuum A deep vacuuming to remove crumbs, pet hair, and allergen particles.
  • Windows: Cleaning of windows streak free.
  • Crumbs and Food Residue: Thoroughly clean and remove crumbs and food residue from seats, carpets, and crevices.
  • Sticky Surfaces: Restore sticky surfaces, making them smooth and residue-free.
  • Pet Hair: Remove pet hair from upholstery and carpets, ensuring a hair-free environment.
  • Allergens: Reduce allergens, dust, and particles to maintain a cleaner and healthier car interior.
  • Body Accidents: Remove a small spot area kid and pet urine, feces, blood, drool, and vomit
  • Germs and Bacteria: Sanitize surfaces to reduce the presence of germs and bacteria, promoting a hygienic environment..
  • Car Seat Cleaning: Thoroughly clean and refresh car seats for a clean and friendly environment.
  • Leather Care: Nourish and protect leather seats, preventing cracking and maintaining their appearance.
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Epic Restoration


  • POWERS: : Vanisher, Adventurer, Mess Buster, Fur-Fighting Dynamo, Toxin Annihilation, Mess Guardian
  • Flash Cleanup and Super Scrub Included
  • Entire Car Odor Removal Caused By Food, Body, Pet (Smoke is extra service)
  • Heavy dirt and grime and long time set-in stubburn stain removals
  • Reduce VOC's and Formeldhyde fume accumuation on surfaces.
  • Carpet Cleaning removing heavy soiled or winter salt.
  • Upholstery stain and mess guard protectant treatment
  • Windows In & Out
  • Headliner cleaning
  • Plastics and Vinyl Dressing
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